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Grillville Backgrounds (3).png
Who We Are
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Who We Are: GrillVille

Exploits in grilling since 1998.

Born and raised in Greenville, NC, we grew up on charcoal grilling and pit cooked pork BBQ with that famous Eastern NC vinegar-based profile. Nothing brought more smiles and laughter than all-night pig cooks and finger-lickin’ family reunion pig pickins the next day. But traveling while in the United States Army and through experiences in corporate America exposed us to different flavors and types of grilling and smoking meats. That’s how GrillVille was born.


Our Grill Master, Adrian Barnhill, has honed his grilling expertise since 1998. BBQ contests in the MidSouth, corporate events in the MidWest, and family reunions, pig pickins, and wedding rehearsals in the South have strengthened his love of the craft and solidified our signature, sought-after flavors. His wife, Teresa, is our experience queen, ensuring every aspect of our events--big or small--exceed our customers' expectations.  

Our foundation is Eastern North Carolina—juicy pork, succulent turkey, and tender chicken slow roasted over charcoals with vinegar-based seasonings. But we mix in a bit of Memphis and Kansas City too, chopping our own oak wood for a rich smoke to blend with the charcoal profile and layering those sweet, bold Mid-South and Mid-West flavors on top of the traditional NC tangy.  

We crafted our unique flavor profile over many years of trial and taste—and even error sometimes (LOL)—and we’ve loved every minute of it. We consider it a blessing to bring the flavors of our favorite BBQ cities—Greenville, Memphis, and Kansas City—together as GrillVille and share our one-of-a-kind flavors with the new, extended family members we meet wherever we go.

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Grillville Backgrounds (3).png


We would love to help you with family reunions, wedding rehearsal dinners, employee appreciation events, graduations, pig pickins, and other special occasions.
We can create, cook, package, and deliver your order so all you have to do is serve. Or we can bring our truck and/or team to you for a customized experience. You can even purchase packs and pints of our famous wings and BBQ.
Let us know what you need and we'll make it happen!
Custom experiences are our specialty.

(pick up or delivery if local; shipping adds cost)

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